As of 2013 Skyhouse is no longer a community and the pages below are for reference or archival purposes only.

Please visit Dancing Rabbit's website to learn about the ecovillage which Skyhouse was a part of and where the Skyhouse building continues to serve as the home for many ecovillagers.

The Making of Skyhouse (the building)

  and  Cooling
•Solar Electric
In 1999 Skyhouse community, a group of 5 (at the time) income sharing residents of Dancing Rabbit, embarked on an adventure. The goal was to create a house that could eventually house all of Skyhouse under one roof, while in the short term serving as the community center for Dancing Rabbit. We also wanted to make a building that really matched our ecological values while also being a demonstration for others, especially those visiting and joining DR.

We are still in the midst of this huge project and probably will be for quite awhile (owner built homes are almost never considered 100% finished). We hope to be living in the building by winter of 2002 and have it more or less done by 2003.

We are hoping to post new material here as the building progresses. Bear with us as the building, and these web pages, are under construction.

Last Updated June, 2002.


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