As of 2013 Skyhouse is no longer a community and the pages below are for reference or archival purposes only.

Please visit Dancing Rabbit's website to learn about the ecovillage which Skyhouse was a part of and where the Skyhouse building continues to serve as the home for many ecovillagers.

Skyhouse Consulting   A significant part of Skyhouse's income comes from doing telecommuting work. We hope to see Dancing Rabbit's internal economy grow and thrive, but for now, telecommuting is an important part of Dancing Rabbit's economy.

The FEC   Skyhouse is a member of the Federation of Egalitarian Communities. There are many benefits of FEC membership for a community: shared outreach, a health insurance fund known as PEACH, a community loan fund, and in general getting help and support from other similar communities.

Fellowship for Intentional Community A non-profit promoting intentional community in North America. Publishers of Communities Magazine, Communities Directory, and the Intentional Communities Website.

Starting a 501(d) community    Skyhouse received its 501(d) status as an income-sharing community in October 1997, a process that required much answering of probing, if irrelevant, questions from the IRS. We've included our bylaws, articles of incorporation, and 501(d) application to the IRS here partially to inform potential members but also to assist others who may be in a similar legal situation.

Online Communities Directory an online searchable directory of intentional communities provided by the FIC (and created and maintained by Skyhouse)

Twin Oaks Communities Conference, a fun way to learn more about life in community.


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