As of 2013 Skyhouse is no longer a community and the pages below are for reference or archival purposes only.

Please visit Dancing Rabbit's website to learn about the ecovillage which Skyhouse was a part of and where the Skyhouse building continues to serve as the home for many ecovillagers.

We're still working on this section of the site! Soon, you'll be able to look here and find out more information about a typical day in Skyhouse.

For more information about community living, we recommend the Twin Oaks Communities Conference, a great place to share information about community life. Here's some of what the conference organizers say about the event:

"We invite people to get together and talk about intentional community of all sorts. We expect about 200 participants including members of many communities: large, small, spiritual, secular, tightly communal, loosely cooperative, and so on. We also welcome people looking for a community, and those just interested in the idea of cooperative living. This conference will be lightly structured. Everything is optional. There will be workshops and sharing circles, but also lots of time to just hang out, meet people, network and play together."

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