As of 2013 Skyhouse is no longer a community and the pages below are for reference or archival purposes only.

Please visit Dancing Rabbit's website to learn about the ecovillage which Skyhouse was a part of and where the Skyhouse building continues to serve as the home for many ecovillagers.

Setting up a visit with Skyhouse is easy! Skyhouse visits are arranged through Dancing Rabbit, so just send an email to the Dancing Rabbit Visitor Team at and tell them that you're interested in arranging a visit with Skyhouse. They'll send you a quick questionnaire to get a little more information about you and the reason you're visiting.

Every person's visit to Skyhouse is different. It all depends on what activities we have going on and what you would like to do. If you like to work with your hands, Skyhouse usually has at least one construction project going at any given moment. Or if you've got a green thumb, help is always needed in our garden or the Dancing Rabbit Community Herb Garden. Of course, the cook on duty almost always appreciates an extra set of hands for chopping and stirring.

You may want to spend time getting to know the members of Skyhouse. Helping out with a cook shift or joining a work party are two great ways to do it. If you're considering membership, Skyhousers may invite you to attend our weekly meeting where you will get a glimpse of what projects we have on the agenda and how our group relates to one another.


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